Retirement Planning

Retirement planning refers to the financial strategies of saving, investing, and ultimately distributing the money meant to sustain you during retirement. It takes into account not only your assets and income, but also your future expenses, liabilities, and life expectancy. 

The retirement planning process starts by determining your retirement goals and the actions and decisions necessary to achieve those goals. It includes reviewing current sources of income, assessing expenses, implementing a savings program, and managing assets and risk. Your future cash flows also are estimated to gauge whether your retirement income goal is achievable. 

Retirement planning is ideally a lifelong process. While you can start at any time, it’s most successful if you factor it into your financial planning from the beginning. And Auxin Group can help. Our advisors will work alongside you to build the right path, help attain your goals and manage unnecessary investment risks. 

Retirement planning will help:

  • Maximize your savings
  • Grow your hard-earned investments
  • Realize your vision for retirement

Retirement planning involves:

  • Assessing your current retirement and investment accounts
  • Defining an acceptable level of investment risk
  • Pension and/or social security benefit analysis 
  • Beneficiary review
  • Establishing and implementing a formal retirement savings/income plan
  • Consistently reviewing the plan for necessary changes

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