About Auxin Group

Auxin Group Wealth Management, LLC, is an independent advisory firm specializing in financial planning and investment management. Based in Northeast Ohio, we are trusted by successful individuals and families nationwide to create and implement customized plans to accumulate, maintain and distribute assets.

The Auxin Group name explains our philosophy best. Auxins are hormones that help guide plant growth. They affect the processes that allow a plant to follow the sun and gain the most energy. This is similar to how Auxin Group meets the needs of our clients. We envision our clients’ financial goals as the sun. Our job is to serve as auxins – always guiding our clients toward the sun, regardless of changes in the market or personal circumstances. 

This is significant because, at Auxin Group, our clients are not just numbers. We know our clients. We like our clients. We enjoy working with them and their families, from generation to generation. As a result, we grow to really understand our clients’ unique and complex needs. By truly valuing client relationships, Auxin Group is able to offer a unique and discreet experience – one with tailored, long-term solutions.

What We Do

Auxin Group provides retirement planning, succession planning, estate planning and insurance and liability management services. Grounded in a deep-rooted understanding of both markets and economics, we are committed to delivering informed, unbiased investment advice based on technical and fundamental analysis, as well as information drawn from our own and independent third-party research.

What’s more, Auxin Group manages wealth at the holistic level. We don’t just look at the accounts in front of us. We look at your outside assets. Your 401K. Your real estate holdings. We also maintain strategic partnerships with specialists in every aspect of the financial field, so we always have the right people for every situation – all based on your particular challenges and situations.

How We Do It…Differently

Auxin Group offers big investment firm advice through a more intimate client experience. And we do it by valuing quality over quantity. In fact, our service model ensures a consistent level of client attention, from our people to our systems and organization as a whole. 

Auxin Group provides clients the same level of technology and expertise as much larger firms. From technology to personnel, we are consistently researching and adding new resources to enhance the client experience. This forward-thinking approach – combined with our youthful, yet experienced team – well positions Auxin Group to grow and work with clients over time

Why We Do It

Ben Tegel and Matt Burnham founded Auxin Group in June of 2015 after spending years at two of the largest, investment firms in the world. While these industry leaders provided immense training and experience, Ben and Matt recognized that the traditional investment firm model was not sustainable for advisors or clients. They valued a long-term approach to working with clients. This revelation led to the development of today’s Auxin Group – an independent advisory firm and fiduciary committed to placing a client’s interests ahead of any advisor compensation. 

To discover how Auxin Group Wealth Management’s strategic support and insights can help you enhance your financial success, contact us today.

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