Client Services

Our Approach

Auxin Group’s approach to client service is simple – we strive to bring clarity and insight to your financial situation by partnering with you to achieve your goals. To help accomplish this, we implement a four-step process that ensures that every client knows what to expect and receives a consistently superior experience.



Identify current situation, challenges and goals


Prioritize objectives and develop recommendations

Execution and Management

Implement, monitor and manage your comprehensive, personalized plan

Optimization and Evaluation

Report progress, address changes and re-evaluate long-term goals, time horizons, and changes in risk tolerance.

As part of our client-centered approach, Auxin Group is committed to ensuring that your investment strategy aligns with your objectives within the ever-changing market. We achieve this through:

Notify you of current market conditions, review your portfolio and make additional recommendations.

Provide regular updates on your progress toward your goals.

Perform a review of your existing retirement plan document or help to facilitate the creation of one if needed.

Perform a review of applicable insurance policies and provide a detailed overview of recommended changes to existing policies or additional policies.

Perform a review of your existing estate planning documents or help to facilitate their creation if needed.

Make recommendations to reduce potential tax liabilities by offsetting capital gains, coordinate family or charitable gifting, manage retirement plan contributions, etc.

Our Offerings

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning refers to the financial strategies of saving, investing, and ultimately distributing the money meant to sustain you during retirement.

Succession Planning

Succession planning involves the formulation of a financial strategy to ensure that your assets go to the right people at the right time.

Estate Planning

Estate planning charts the management of your estate during life and prepares for the distribution of those assets upon incapacitation, illness or death.

Insurance and Liability Management

Insurance and liability management helps preserve your wealth and protect yourself and your family financially due to unexpected events, such as illness or injury or a lawsuit.