Succession Planning

Succession planning involves the formulation of a financial strategy to ensure that your assets go to the right people at the right time. It’s a highly personal, sensitive and confidential activity that should start with what is most important to you. The end goal is to determine when, how and to whom you will transfer leadership, ownership and/or management of your wealth or business.

Auxin Group starts personal succession planning by understanding your concerns, goals and vision for your family. This includes any family dynamics and other matters that should be addressed in the transfer and management of your wealth. We then develop an effective, adaptable intergenerational plan that not only protects your family’s wealth, but also addresses your family’s needs.

Planning the succession of your business includes operational, as well as tax and other legal concerns. Auxin Group collaborates with our strategic partners to use an extensive knowledge of tax laws and legal structures to ensure that your succession plan fits the unique characteristics of your business.

Whether it’s personal or business (or both), Auxin Group succession planning will help you build the safeguards necessary to ensure that your legacy continues to benefit many generations to come.

Succession planning will help:

  • Continue to meet your goals
  • Prepare other family members or business leaders for future responsibilities
  • Provide contingencies for unplanned transitions of personal wealth, leadership and/or ownership
  • Reduce inheritance tax, probate fees and other related costs

Succession planning involves:

  • Review of personal or business needs
  • Cash management and capital needs assessment 
  • Business valuation 
  • Succession plan documents

To discover how Auxin Group can assist with your succession planning, contact our team of advisors now.

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