“I start by working with clients to identify where they want to get to, and then structure everything based on that end goal.”
- Matt Burnham, Managing Partner
”I strive to create positive, memorable experiences for Auxin Group clients.”
- David O’Donnell, Client Service Associate
“The more Auxin Group knows about our clients, the better we can guide their wealth, retirement and estate planning.”
- Pat Mooney, Client Service Associate
“I love working for Auxin Group because the focus genuinely is – and always will be – the client and the client experience.”
-Emily Weber, Client Service Associate
“I revel in analyzing the ever-changing variables that impact future economic growth and separating the signal from the noise.”
-Nick Raich, CFA, Chief Investment Officer
“I thrive on helping people through important decisions in their lives, and seeing the freedom that building their wealth provides them.”
- Ben Tegel, President
“I love creating things that can be broken down and interpreted easily. The more I can do that, the easier I can help the advisors focus on more important tasks.”
- Blake A. Sours, Research Associate
“Tax implications should not form the entire basis of an investment decision, but strategic moves based on careful tax considerations can have a substantial impact on a client’s long-term wealth.”
- Johnathan W. Roberts, CPA Financial Advisor

Q3 | Fear, Stimulus, & Stock Prices

We noted earlier in the year that the direction of the market can largely be explained in one simple theory: Virus Fears Easing + Massive Stimulus = Rising Earnings Expectations = Rising Stock Prices. This theory continues to prove itself.

Q2 | Back in Business, For Now

2020 is proving to be a year to forget. The 2nd Quarter saw Stay-At-Home Orders, Lockdowns, and Protests. All the while, the Coronavirus continued its global march around the world and the U.S became the new epicenter of the pandemic.

Q1 | From Better Than Feared to Less Than Expected

Those two factors allowed the S&P 500 to rise 8.53% during the final three months of 2019 and 28.88% for the year, making the U.S. one of the best places in the world to invest.

This is Why We Plan

It has been a difficult few weeks, not just here in our country, but for the entire world. We have seen steep and significant declines in the market and are now working through the reality that the Coronavirus is here. It can be hard to find optimism when it feels as though the world is falling apart.

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